Springboot is a kind of defacto go-to framework when it comes to building applications with Java. It's in demand with almost all the good product-based company and demand continue to grow so, internally it uses tomcat as a server which defaults it to 200 threads. But why?

With great demand there comes great scalability issues.

Then why 200?

Why we defaulted ourselves to only 200 threads why not 1000, why not 10000. What's the cap over here, or is even 200 is kind of overkill. Let's see How it works under the hood.

Let's first get the basics right, what…

In my previous article, I had explained about Producers of Kafka, what it does, how it works, settings and configurations to tune to our specific requirements. In this part, we will be talking about brokers. If you remember Kafka is broken down into 3 parts,

  1. Producer
  2. Broker
  3. Consumer

Let's talk about the broker.

What is a broker anyway?

In simple words, the Broker is a Kafka server, Period. Kafka broker gets the message from the producer and sends it to the consumer for further processing.

If you have read the Producer article, there I have talked about partition in a…

Its been almost two years since I started my career as a Software engineer, this was my first encounter with Kafka, and behold this guy was a beast. Too many parameters given to tune it to perfection. After a week of searching here and there, I thought to write it all down in one place. :-P

First, we should understand why we need Kafka?

Kafka is used for real-time streams of data, to do big data or to do real-time analysis. It is very commonly used as a data connection bridge between two or more microservices

I will first try…

Hello Good People, I have been trying to fiddle with ReactJs recently and was trying to work my way out to make a real simple Todo application. Which can

  1. Add to a list
  2. Delete from the list by simply clicking over it.

I will be trying to cover what is ReactJs to this “Todo” app as a conversation between two people, Kritika and Alpit (let's begin )

Kritika- Its weekend, I think we should make use of some new tech and try it out while we have time, like React? What say…!!!

Alpit- Sure, but whats React? :-O

Kritika- Well…

Alpit Anand

SDE-II at Paypal. Contact for any queries alpitanand20@gmail.com

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